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Environmental Management Consultancy (EMC) is a fully insured and accredited BPAD Bushfire consultant, undertaking BAL Certificates, Bush fire assessments, Bush fire planning and Bush fire reports. We implement industry best practices within fire planning and assessment. If your land is identified within the bush fire prone land map your development is required to comply with bushfire standards. Depending on your development, there are a range of approval and certifying pathways. In many cases obtaining a Pre-construction Constraint Assessment provides interim bushfire requirements for your development.

Types of Bush Fire Reports and Assessments We Offer

Bush Fire Constraint Assessment

Bush Fire Due Diligence Reports

BAL Certificate and BAL Reports (Bush Fire Complying Development Certificate)

Bush Fire Assessment Reports (Bush Fire Threat Assessments)

Bush Fire Building and Planning Compliance

Bush Fire Design Briefings and Bush Fire Analysis Report

Bushfire Compliance Certificate (BCC)

Strategic Bush Fire Management Plans

Bush Fire Evacuation and Emergency Plans

Prescribed Hazard Reduction Strategic and Cultural Burning Plans


Bushfire Reports

Secure Your Home and Your Memories With Bushfire Reports

Your house is not just four walls it is a home; A safe haven to you and your loved ones. It’s filled with memories, laughter, friendly visits, pets and silly little items that bring back a flood of the good memories. Securing your home and the safety of your loved ones is vital and easy with bushfire reports. They give you the advantage of knowing the land your home is on, the risks involved and how to mitigate them.

The Importance of Bushfire Reports

We’ve all seen the news of the rapid spreading fires at the start of 2020. This, together with the many horrid stories of families and their losses, is on everyone’s lips. It is estimated that the fires, which raged over New South Wales (NSW), burned over 6 per cent of the state. Completing a report for your property can’t be overstated.

  • Knowing whether your land is fire prone land or not, gives you the insight to take the appropriate steps to secure your land for yourself and your loved ones.
  • The report will also help you be fire compliant. In an area where bushfires are prone to break out, knowing the steps to compliancy may save a life.
  • We can help you implement safety steps such as fire planning, evacuation and emergency plans and burning plans. All to minimise the extent of the fire, should it happen.


Tips to Remember For Fire Safety

Let’s stand together as a community and work on securing our homes, our land and our region. This will ensure you and your loved ones’ safety and help look after the unique ecological system in place in NSW.

  • A bushfire report will give you an indication of whether your land is fire-prone or not.
  • Encouraging the neighbourhood to take part, share info and discuss communal ideas around safety, emergencies and evacuation.
  • Steps such as controlled burning can be implemented to secure the neighbourhood.

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