Bushfire Survival Plan

A bushfire survival plan is a document that a household co-operatively develops prior to a bushfire. It sets out what you are going to do in the event of a bushfire attack on your property.

It is essential that each household in bushfire prone areas develop this document, and has a plan for bushfire survival. It may be the difference between life and death.

Elements that are not covered in the standard Bushfire Survival Plan such as the separation between the home and vegetation, the construction standards of the home and landscaping features can have a significant affect on your survival plan. As Bushfire consultants we can assist you in understanding how these elements contribute your vulnerability or protect you from bushfires. We can recommend further measures to increase your protection. These elements can be significant
and may result in altering your Bush fire survival plan to increase your ability to survive a bush fire event.

Be Prepared - Get Ready For A Bushfire


Visit RFS NSW to see their four simple steps to making a bush fire plan


Plan For a Rainy Day by Creating a Bushfire Survival Plan

The idea of a bushfire is scary enough, regardless of its level – but putting your head in the sand is not ideal. A bushfire survival plan is a plan of action that a household works on before a fire. This document contains the steps to be taken in the case of a bushfire raging on or near the property. Having a plan with clear measures in place will take the guessing out of a panicked situation and provide a clear course of action.


Benefits of BEMC

We come with over 20 years’ experience within the bushfire and land management sector. This ensures that our business can look after your business. Here’s how we can help you:

  • With qualified bushfire consultants, we can assist and guide you to ensure your property and neighbourhood is prepared in the case of a fire.
  • We take our business and the responsibility that comes with it seriously, we are top tiered Level 3 BPAD (bushfire planning and design) accredited and insured.
  • We provide a professional, committed service in a wide area of NSW. Ranging from Port Stephens to Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, leading to Sydney and the North Coast.


Related Services to a Bushfire Survival Plan

Having a survival plan in place is an excellent start, one you won’t regret. Our experience with land management stems from a deep love for the land. BEMC offers a variety of services:

  • Land management, whether you’re a land developer or a landowner or an agency looking to assess, develop and manage the land to its fullest potential.
  • We are accredited bush fire planners and can help with bush fire due diligence reports, threat assessments, bushfire building and planning compliance and fire management plans. To name a few, contact us for questions and advice.
  • Working with the land to ensure conservation and sustainable ecological practices we take a wholistic and pragmatic approach to bushfire management.

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