Bush Fire Design Briefings and Bush Fire Analysis Report

In some cases, when complex developments or limited space to develop leads to a situation where bushfire provisions can’t be met, a Bush fire design briefing is developed to identify the elements which do meet compliance and how assessment will be performed.

A bush fire analysis report is the first step in a performance-based solution and forms the basis of the ensuing analysis. This complex bushfire report is an important part of the performance-based design process, as it allows the objectives, proposed design, analysis methods, assumptions and acceptance criteria to be agreed on in order to validate the bush fire analysis. The compliance approach needs to be agreed on by NSW RFS as part of the briefing. The approach may be based on equivalency to the acceptable solutions, direct compliance with the performance criteria, or a combination

The complexity of the Bush fire design briefing will vary depending on the complexity of the bushfire issues being considered. The process by which the Bush fire design briefing is undertaken shall be documented as part of the bush fire analysis report.