Controlled Burning Contractors

Our Fire Experience

Our staff have been involved with the development of strategic wildfire and burn planning documents, incident management teams and senior operational roles during wildfire suppression operations within the eastern Australia over the last 30 years. When involved in government bush fire combat agencies, our staff were deployed overseas and interstate to assist in fire suppression, within incident management teams, task force leaders and aviation specialist.

Our staff have been involved in the implementation of 100’s prescribed burn annually in spring and autumn throughout NSW. We bring a wealth of industry experience to you to ensure industry standard bush fire planning and implementation.

We implement scientific based bush fire research, not ego-based opinion, or perception.

Strategic and tactical Landscape bush fire planning

We assist clients in developing strategic and tactical Landscape bush fire management plans consisted with bush fire and biodiversity legislative requirements within a cooperative framework with district risk plans and neighbouring land fire management plans if developed. 

We consider all factors that contribute to bushfire risk include climate and bushfire season, ignition potential and location, bushfire history, vegetation type, arrangement and quantity (available fuel), terrain and prevailing weather conditions. Bushfire Management Zones are identified each with fuel management objectives to mitigate bushfire risk through pragmatic application of mechanical and burning treatments.

Prescribed burn planning

We provide a realistic assessment of whether the controlled fire can be delivered over the prescribed burning period to mitigate risk. Prescribed burn plan for burn-offs and controlled burning incorporates the management and operational guidelines specified in applicable Bush fie risk and management strategy, conservation management plan, site protection plan, pest management plan, threatened species recovery plan and other relevant plan.

Prescribed burn plans are written by nationally trained and accredited staff and will define the control lines to contain the burn, the required fire intensity to achieve objectives, the weather and seasonal conditions required during the burning operation and the light-up methods and sequences, as well as notification, smoke management and safety considerations.

Prescribed burn implementation (controlled burning)

There are a variety of factors that determine the possibility of applying a controlled fire to the landscape through burning-off. We implement a rigorous monitoring system that evaluates of the fluctuating variable of weather and fuel flammability to provide early identification of burning opportunities learnt over 20 years of prescribed burning implementation. Early identification to the opening ‘burn window’ increases the ability to apply fire safety and effectively to the landscape to meet objectives.

We implement a four-stage program for prescribe burn implementation:

  • Advanced Preparations – Approvals and feasibility assessment.

  • Confirmation of burn – Weather and fuel monitoring, mobilisation of resources.

  • Implementation of burn – pre-burn checks, up-scaling and down-scaling if ignition, monitor fire burn-out, make fire ground safe.

  • Post burn evaluation and Reporting - Evaluate burn results against objectives.