Bush Fire Evacuation and Emergency Plans

Many facilities have procedures to facilitate the safe movement and assist in the evacuation of occupants. These procedures are normally referred to as an Emergency Management Plan consistent with Australian Standard AS3745:2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities and in the case of healthcare facilities AS4083:2010 Planning for emergencies – Health care facilities.

Vulnerable development in bush fire prone areas, such as those often referred to as Special Fire Protection Purpose (SFPP) development (school, child care centre, hospital, seniors housing, hotel, motel or other tourist accommodation) need to consider a Bush Fire Emergency Management and Evacuation Plan. Furthermore, commercial/industrial, multiple occupancy (land sharing) and community title estate within bush fire prone areas should also have Bush Fire Emergency Management and Evacuation Plan.

Whether you are a small landholder living in a bushfire prone area or a developer planning a new housing estate, in the event of an emergency a clear and effective set of procedures needs to be developed to meet a bushfire crisis.


Bushfire Evacuation Plans

No one can forget the disastrous fires of 2019-2020 when raging fires ravaged large parts of our beautiful country for weeks on end. Millions of hectares of vegetation were burnt, billions of animals died or were misplaced, thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed, dozens of people lost their lives, and tens of thousands were displaced. This painful catastrophe highlighted the risk of fire and the need for preparedness.

Any individual landowner or property developer with land or living in areas prone to bushfires requires a bushfire evacuation plan. Bushfire Environmental Management Consultancy (BEMC) is a full-service company offering assessment, recommendations and implementation to existing and new property developments and projects. We collaborate with you to examine and assess your property and proposed construction to determine the risk factors and produce a comprehensive bushfire evacuation plan. After that, we consider prevention strategies to develop a bushfire safety plan and a bushfire emergency plan.


Prevention is Better than Cure

BEMC believes that prevention is better than cure. We understand the environment and other factors that could lead to fires.

  • We create and implement plans to prevent fires and action plans if a fire does occur. Our services provide a holistic approach, including prevention measures and reaction tactics, in the unfortunate event of a fire. Trust us to tailor-make a solution for you that will guarantee you peace of mind.
  • BEMC is cognisant of environmental and other regulations and will ensure compliance on every level. We will consider all factors that could be a potential threat before compiling a comprehensive report. Reports and recommendations can be handed to a builder, architect, building designer or project developer, even before purchasing or planning to develop an owned property.
  • You can proceed with your development secure in the knowledge that every eventuality has been considered and planned for.

With over twenty years of experience in our target areas of Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Mid-North Coast, our team is ideally placed to service your needs. Call us today to see how we can help you.